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Extensive Study reveals source of Arctic black carbon

Sources of black carbon has been discovered through an extensive research carried out by a team of international researchers. In a thesis published in the Journal Science Advances, the team reveals their findings and explain why it’s connected to the problem of global warming.

The use of fossil fuels has been acknowledged as one of the leading causes of global warming but little is known about activities heating the earth such as soot emission. These sort of carbon releases come from vehicles with internal combustion engines (ice) and other activities which involves the inefficient burning of other natural or man-made products.

The incomplete burning of such material leaves a left-over in the form of soot which eventually finds its way into the atmosphere. They stay up for some time before coming down, and when it does come down in a place like the Arctic, it transforms the ice from white to black. This blackened ice absorbs higher levels of heat in comparison to white ice thereby increasing the rate of global warming in the Arctic in comparison to other parts of the planet.

A lot of study has gone into exposing the significance of black carbon in the Arctic and verify its sources with a connection found between black ice in the Arctic and fossil fuels.