Virgin Galactic SpaceShip 2 Makes its sophomore voyage to Space

Last Friday, the exploratory arm of the Virgin enterprise, released its spacecraft known as “Spaceship Two” for the second time since its introduction and it was piggybacked on this voyage by WhiteKnightTwo to a level of 45000ft before self-propelling on its rocket engines.

The spacecraft took off at 8:07 am PST with a payload of two crew pilots, a crew member, and a nearly identical weight of science projects from NASA. It was able to level in suborbital space at 8:55am PST. It cruised in that altitude for just a few minutes before heading back for landing nearly an hour after takeoff from the Mojave Desert.

This is the second time the spacecraft would be making a space voyage after December 2018, and the fifth powered flight in total. Unlike rival company Space X, Virgin Galactic’s main objective is to explore the means of taking space exploration as a means of transporting people to space and it has reservations for some years.

NASA rover completes Red Planet mission

15 years after taking to space, the Opportunity rover’s mission comes to an end. The rover’s task was to bring back signals from the Red Planet. The mission spanned a 90 day transmission for the rover.

The durability of the rover and its explorations are a confirmation of the quality of its construction. The rover sent over 200,000 images and logged a total of 28 miles which overshot NASA expectations.

It’s important to commend this rover which helped the scientific community recreate the liquid past of the Red Planet raising hope of the likelihood microbial life once reigned on the surface of the planet. This was a more successful quest than Spirit a twin rover that fell silent in 2010.