Our Astronomy society is always interested in expanding the boundaries of the known universe through research and methodological means. We therefore find ways to involve people in the educational community such as college students and professors in the conduction of astronomical research. Our internship programs encompass many courses including:

  • Radar and Radio Astronomy

This is a specialization which highlights the use of the latest technology to expand the frontiers of the Known Universe by utilizing radio waves and radar. Radio astronomers are able to decipher and expose scientific wonders which would impossible without the use of technologies that depend on light.

  • Cosmology

This brings to bare the etymological questions in the field of astronomy with questions about the origination of the universe and theories predicting its end.

  • Planetary science

As one of the oldest of the known sciences, this field aims to increase our understanding of the behaviors of space bodies like satellites, planets, and other smaller celestial bodies in the known universe. It employs radar technology to understand and expose the physical properties of asteroids that may be dangerous for life on earth.

  • Instrument design

This falls under a subcategory in the science of astronomy, and it concerns the fusion of astronomy with technological knowledge and engineering skills. Its aim is to provide better tools that can further the knowledge of science beyond earth.

Researchers work on projects under the tutelage and guidance of veteran astronomers.

Apart from students, we offer internship positions that are only for women. This is an initiative of ours which we created to promote gender equalization in the astronomy field. Women who apply and qualify, are given the environment and tools to further their knowledge in astronomy in other to become pillars of support to upcoming women in the field.