Expanding the frontiers of Astronomy

Our astronomical society is heavily invested and committed in the expansion of the knowledge of astronomy to the public. We also collaborate with educational institutions such as high schools and colleges by giving them the resources needed to succeed in this special branch of science. Our funding comes from private investors and organisations, like Microgaming, Ask Whales and Harrison Telescopes.

We regularly conduct meetings where we aggregate information about new developments and sightings in the astronomical world. Our vision is to make astronomy the pinnacle of science in the scientific world. We believe astronomy will play a major role in the survival of the human race and earth in general by finding out major happenings and breakthroughs in the quest to expand our known universe.

Our society comprises of people from different walks of life who are motivated and impassioned by the desire to share the secrets of astronomy to the world. Of course, we are a not for profit organization, we collect membership fees as one of the means of raising fund for the subject we love. We know it can be an uphill task to find authentic knowledge in this science and that is why we encourage astronomy lovers, be it members or casual followers, to make concerted efforts into making observations in this branch of science to which we wholesomely owe our knowledge of the universe.

We are always on ground to help members of the public who have in interest in astronomy by answering questions and inviting them to share in the scientific wonders that can be found when gazing at the stars in our observatory.

For the more studious fan who does not mind a bit of study and research, we continue to assist in advancing the frontiers of this science. We encourage everyone to become members because only together can we make giant strides in this science.